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General Manager Address

On behalf of all associates of Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel, Xi’an, a warmest welcome to you have your good self staying with us.

It is well- known that Xi’an has been the place where the Emperor Qin unified the Qin Dynasty, spanned the time-honored history and splendid culture between Han and Tang Dynasty. The travelers from all over the world are always attracted by the Terracotta Warriors Museum, it is one of the eight wonders of the world. In addition, Tang Paradise Garden, grand Hua Shan Mountain, profound Tablet Forest Museum, ancient Big Wild Goose Pagoda and famous Bell Tower are all drawn the people’s eyes who are eager to know more about China and Xi’an. Xi’an combines the ancient and the new, technology and culture which make her brand new outlook for every traveler.

Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel opened in 1989, it is a business, conference cum leisure four-star hotel, was appraised by the National Authority Office in 1990. The hotel has 471 superior rooms and exclusive deluxe suites, elegant dining ambience, authentic delicious dishes, the meeting facilities of the multi-function rooms and the Capital Ball Room will cater the clients’ all kinds of needs. Over 1,000 seating theater is an ideal venue with high quality equipment and comfortable ambience for a variety of culture and arts exchange activities. The Fitness Center is not only capacious and bright, but also has various fitness equipment. Newly renovated table tennis room, yoga room and indoor swimming pool, which is a good place to relax and cool off yourself whenever you want. Moreover, the facilities of the Fitness Center are complimentary to be used for every in-house guest.

We have been offering the excellent service to every guest as usual with our effective and professional team. Meanwhile, we take advantage of our brand to develop the Nation’s culture. Shaanxi Silk Road Culture and Arts Exchange Centre has been established in the hotel, the Moslem Street features special folk culture which is adjacent the hotel. We also come up with some changes on the hotel business management under the new period of the society and have got an evident result on it. We will continue to develop and innovate to provide the excellent service beyond the guests’ expectation, make our guests feel more comfortable and wonderful experience with us, we also want your stay in our hotel to become a memorable and integral part of your experience in Xian.